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You and your friends will never forget you Party Gals "Romance Party."  
We have all been to home parties before and maybe you have even hosted a few
in your home.  Party Gals doesn't offer the same old' home party.  
We offer an evening full of love, learning and laughing.
If you are ready to book your party, please fill out the request form.  
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You must be over 18 years old to host a show.
This is what you will receive when booking a party with me...
"Where your pleasure is our business..."
Party Gals can offer you and your friends a
unique home party.  Our parties are tasteful
and can be enjoyed by women and couples
from mild to wild.  Our product line has
something for everyone.  Your party will be
designed specifically for you and your friends.
For Women and Couples
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Party possibilities are endless!  Book today!!
  • 10% of the retail sales at your party in free product.
  • 20% of the retail sales on outside orders prior to the party.
  • Gift for choosing an open date and keeping it.
  • 25% off your most expensive item for qualifying party of 10 guests.
  • Achieve $500 in sales and win a Luxury Resort Vacation for 4
    people and one week in a condo.  65 destinations to choose from
    like Cancun, Bahamas or even Hawaii!
  • Achieve a $1000 party and win a weekend Caribbean Cruise for 2
    people or two of the Luxury Resort vacations, you choose.
  • Plus receive free product for every booking you get from your show.
What is a Romance Party?
A night of fun...
Get your friends and family together for a night away from work, the kids and the daily
stress of life.  The subject matter, alone, will
allow everyone to let loose and enjoy.
Wide variety of products...
Party Gals offers thousands of products.
From mild to wild.  There is something for everyone to enjoy.
Product demonstration...
You will have an opportunity to touch, taste and see some of our most popular items.  
We will pass them around so you can learn
about it before you buy it.  Everyone gets a
toothpick and tastes the lickables and will
get to hold and inspect all the electronics!
Earn products & a vacation...
Our hostesses will earn free shopping dollars to spend on whatever your heart desires.  
You can also earn a luxury vacation for FREE!
Private shopping...
All orders are taken confidentially in a separate room at the party.  So you can shop
without the worry of someone having
knowledge of your personal relationships.
Themes, games & prizes...
You can choose a theme party 80's night, Margarita Night, Toga Party.  The possibilities
are endless.  We will play games, give prizes.  
It's truly a night of fun for everyone.  When we
are done, they get to take home their goodies
and continue the private party at home.
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